Melissa Bender Publishes Translated Book

Melissa Bender's book project, La Caricature 1830-1835, is now in print. La Caricature 1830-1835 is a collection of 19th century French political cartoons. Melissa translated and wrote the English language descriptions of the cartoons. They were originally published in a satire newspaper (La Caricature), which is now considered to be the precursor of Charlie Hebdo. The book is under consideration for a fine arts publication award in France. 


Karma Waltonen Publishes Article in DePaul Pop Culture Book

Karma Waltonen's article, "My First Frontier--A Celebration of Fifty Years of Star Trek," has been published in Time Lords & Tribbles, Winchesters & Muggles: The DePaul Pop Culture Conference. All proceeds for the book go to Global Girl Media, an organization dedicated to empowering high school age girls from under-served communities around the world through media, leadership and journalistic training to have a voice in the global media universe and their own futures. 


Dana Ferris Publishes Articles in Assessing Writing and RTE

Professor Dana Ferris has recently published two journal articles, both co-authored with current or former students of the WRaCS Designated Emphasis. Both articles report upon primary research completed in the UWP. The first, "Placement of Multilingual Writers: Is There a Role for Student Voices?" was published in Assessing Writing, 32(1), 1-11, and is co-authored by 2017 graduates Dr. Katherine Evans (Linguistics) and Kendon Kurzer (Education).


Liz Constable receives $6,500 Seed Grant from the Feminist Research Institute

Together with colleagues Corrie Decker and Jenny Kaminer, Liz Constable is the recipient of a Seed Grant from the Feminist Research Institute of $6, 500 for a collaborative interdisciplinary and comparative feminist research project that examines the relationship between discursive constructions of youth and policy decisions. Liz presented part of this work at a UC Berkeley Mini-Colloquium on April 14th in a presentation titled "'Too Old for Heidi, Too Young for Carrie': Catachresis and Affective Absorption in Breillat's Cinema."