Graduate Student Instructors / TAs

Name / Email Office / Office Hours
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Ahumada, Maria
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Arkenberg, Megan
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Baran, Stacey
M 11:00-1:00 & by appt.
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Barghouty, Dalia
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Bindas, Ava
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Brown, Briel
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Burke Reifman, Jennifer
M,W 2:00-3:00PM
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Butt, Sumaria
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Corujo, Abraham
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Coughlin, Tp
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Dadigan, Marc
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Du, Bowen
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Dumont, Leslie
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Duvall, Margaret
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Elliott, Roxanne
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Frater, Laura
Voorhies 318
Thursdays, 1:00pm-3:00pm or by appointment
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Freeman, Jeremy
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Fulton, Ally
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Funk, Augusta
Voorhies 316
M, W 2:00-3:00 & by appt.
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Genesy, Claire
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Giron, Mario
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Gudino, Mo
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Harrington-Dummit, Delanie
M 12-1pm on Zoom OR Voorhies 324; W 12-1pm on Zoom ONLY & by appt.
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Hay, Garin
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Hayes, Grace
Voorhies 328
T 10:00-12:00 & by appt.
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Hegarty, George
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Hockaday, Jason
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Hogue, Rebecca
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Hogue, Kristen
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Holden, Taylor
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Houk, Julia
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Hsiao, Alison
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Klein, Kaceylee
M 1:00-2:00, F 11:00-12:00 by appt.
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Lin, Tom
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Lombardi, Amy
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Maas, Alison
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MacAller, Stephanie
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Manzanetti, Evan
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McCandless, Tori
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Miller, Jeremiah
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Minnillo, Sophia
Kerr 260
T 1:00-2:00pm, Th 2:00-3:00pm
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Monterrey, Katia
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Pizelo, Samuel
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Pollard, Courtney
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Redovian, Mikhaila
R, 11-1pm, by appointment
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Ringo, Heather
M 10:00-11:00, W 2:00-3:00
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Robertson, Natalie
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Rose, Jake
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Schuhmacher, Kirsten
Voorhies 330
M 12:00-1:00, T 2:00-3:00 (Zoom) & by appt.
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Simityan, Rosette
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Simon, Sabina
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Sims, Mikenna
301 Voorhies
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Steele, Samara
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Sullivan, Sydney
W 8:00 - 10:00am and by appt.
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Thakur, Himali
TR 4:30 - 5:30 and & by appt
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Weber, Breanne
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Williams, Bethany
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Wittstock, Stacy
Zoom in Summer