Graduate Student Instructors / TAs

Name / Email Office / Office Hours
davidbar's picture
Barrera, David
W 1-3
jburker's picture
Burke Reifman, Jennifer
M 3:00-4:00pm, T 1:00-2:00pm, & by appt.
kebuse's picture
Buse, Katherine
ocahalan's picture
Cahalan, Ofir
hpcheram's picture
Cheramie, Hillary
dcoad's picture
Coad, David
201 Voorhies
ranjodh's picture
Dhaliwal, Ranjodh Singh
mduvall's picture
Duvall, Margaret
W 3:00-4:00, R 1:00-2:00 & by appt.
seddings's picture
Eddings, Sarah
lkemrich's picture
Emrich, Lee
328 Voorhies
M 1-2 PM, R 3-4 PM and by appt.
egiardin's picture
Giardina, Elizabeth
329 Voorhies
M,F 11:00-12:00 & by appt.
megiron's picture
Giron, Mario
habermnl's picture
Haberman, Lynette
yhachimi's picture
Hachimi, Yasmine
khandozo's picture
Hanley Cardozo, Kristen
317 Voorhies
M 10-11:00, F 2:30-3:30, & by appt.
kekaweck's picture
Kawecki, Kristin
akong's picture
Kong, Amanda
M: 10-12 p.m and by appt
ajlombar's picture
Lombardi, Amy
261 Kerr Hall
mamill89's picture
Miller, Margaret
mmlekoda's picture
Mlekoday, Michael
Voorhies 294
jcmoran's picture
Moran, Jeff
seneas's picture
Neas, Sally
lpobrien's picture
O Brien, Leanna
292 Voorhies
laupeter's picture
Peterson, Lauren
Voorhies 292
W 2-3, F 11-12, & by appt.
spizelo's picture
Pizelo, Samuel
djquinn's picture
Quinn, DJ
201 Voorhees
M 12:00-1:00pm, F 11:00-12:00 (online)
jradocay's picture
Radocay, Jonathan
320 Voorhies
M 11:00-12:00, W 2:30-3:30, & by appt.
armarohn's picture
Rockey, Alexandria
fromano's picture
Romano, Frances
Voorhies 317 / OH Mondays 12-1 pm, Tuesdays 11-12 pm
tcwalker's picture
Walker, Timothy
331 Voorhies
Tues, 12-1; Wed, 11-12
brw's picture
Williams, Bethany
331 Voorhies
W 9:00-11:00 & by appt
snwitt88's picture
Wittstock, Stacy
Voorhies 312
T 12:00-2:00 PM & by appt.
mzajic's picture
Zajic, Matthew
202 SOEB
mzugnoni's picture
Zugnoni, Michele
Voorhies 201
M 11-12 & W 2-3. Also by appointment. Held in library during SS1.