English for Multilingual Students: Resources and Course Information

English for Multilingual Students (EMS) Campus Resources and University Writing Program Course Offerings

The University Writing Program is the academic unit offering undergraduate and graduate courses for multilingual students at UC Davis. The EMS division of the Writing Program works closely with International and Academic English and Continuing and Professional Education to create opportunities for multilingual students across campus and departments. Most of our courses teach writing, but there are also courses that address verbal skill development. Read below for more information about resources and courses available to you at UCD and within the UWP.

People to Contact in the UWP:

Catherine Hatzakos

Associate Director of English for Multilingual Students


Dana Demchuk

Assistant Director of English for Multilingual Students


Kayla Timmons Chao

Multilingual Writing Coordinator 



International Visas and Campus Life

UC Davis provides extensive support for multilingual students,  international students, and visiting scholars. Dedicated specialists are available to assist prospective and current students on multiple levels, from visa acquisition to academic planning and social networking opportunities. 

Services for International Students and Scholars: Email: siss@ucdavis.edu

Phone: 530-752-0864 SSIS provides on-campus programs and resources for international students (undergraduate and graduate students) and international scholars.

International and Academic English, 1350 The Grove (Surge III), UC Davis campus

Email:  iae@ucdavis.edu / Tel: (530) 752-6799

Summer Start Program: This is an optional six-week program for new first-year students who want to take some courses and get adjusted to the campus before fall quarter starts. 

 The PAL Program: PAL (Partners in Acquiring Language) pairs international students and U.S. students for casual conversation practice for one hour every week.

Academic Support

International students at the undergraduate, graduate and professional levels may access an array of services designed to promote success at the university and beyond.

Peer Educators within the UWP provide feedback and support for students taking UWP 21, 22, 7M, 7, or the A co-courses. Click on this link to make an appointment for consultation about your writing.

Academic Assistance and Tutoring Centers (AATC) Writing Support Center, 2205 Dutton Hall, UC Davis Campus Tel: 530-752-2013 The AATC offers a number of workshops and tutoring in English and writing.

International English and Professional Programs (IEPP) Tel: (530) 757-8686, Email: ccpeinternational@ucdavis.edupeint  IEPP offers intensive and specialized English language programs for international non matriculated learners.

Graduate Writing Fellows At UC Davis, our Graduate Writing Fellows offer one-on-one writing consultations with enrolled UC Davis graduate students and postdocs. Consultations offer scholars the opportunity to:

  • Engage in a conversation about their writing.
  • Receive feedback on the clarity of their thoughts, the organization of their ideas, or their approach to a particular writing task.
  • Identify patterns of error in writing. NOTE: Graduate Writing Fellows do not proofread work; we are not an editing service.
  • Work on writing in a low-stakes, low-stress environment, with a peer.

We help scholars at any stage of the writing process and with a variety of documents, including: graduate-level seminar papers, portions of a thesis or dissertation, journal articles, grant proposals, abstracts, conference proposals, conference talks, etc.

NOTE: It is not necessary to bring in a piece of writing to the consultation. We are happy to consult with you about anything related to the writing process, e.g. getting started, being overwhelmed, etc.

Undergraduate Courses for Multilingual Students

Multilingual undergraduate students may choose to fulfill the Entry Level Writing Requirement (ELWR) by completing an English for Multilingual Students (EMS) sequence pathway before advancing to UWP 1 and then upper division writing. First year students entering in Fall 2020 complete Writing Placement 2020 in the spring/summer before taking classes.  Courses in the University Writing Program (UWP) are offered throughout the year,  including summer.  Your questions can be answered by reading the UWP page about the Pre-ELWR courses for multilingual students.

We also offer UWP 20, a course for improving oral skills of speaking, listening, and communication. Lecture/Discussion—4 hour(s). Intensive work in oral English for international students, to increase fluency, accuracy, and use of appropriate discourse strategies in academic settings; e.g., seminar, discussion, laboratory. Training in segmental features of English sounds, intonation, stress, non-verbal cues, and register. May be repeated for credit. (P/NP grading only.)

Graduate Courses for Multilingual Students

Graduate Language and Requirements Support. For Graduate course and testing requirements, see http://iae.ucdavis.edu/graduate/index.html. For information about the Graduate Student First Year Requirement, see https://iae.ucdavis.edu/graduate/first-year

We offer two courses that fulfill the First Year Requirement:

UWP 225—English for International/ESL Graduate Students (4)

Lecture/Discussion—4 hour(s). Prerequisite(s): Consent of Instructor. Multi-skills ESL course designed to help international/ESL students improve their English language skills for successful academic study. Emphasis on writing, speaking, listening, reading, and academic culture. Not open for credit to students who have taken LIN 025. (S/U grading only.) Effective: 2019 Winter Quarter.

UWP 226—Writing for International Graduate Students (4)

Lecture/Discussion—4 hour(s). Prerequisite(s): Consent of Instructor. Focuses on writing needed for academic work, including summaries, critiques, research & grant proposals, memos, resumes, and research papers. Includes a review of grammar needed for writing and some focus on reading skills and American vocabulary and idioms. Not open for credit to students who have taken LIN 026. (S/U grading only.) Effective: 2019 Fall Quarter.

We also offer a course that develops communication skills for international graduate students, especially prospective graduate student teaching assistants:

UWP 391—Oral English for ESL Students (4)

Lecture/Discussion—4 hour(s). Prerequisite(s): Open only to non-native speakers of English with priority enrollment to international student teaching assistants; completion of any required ESL courses or consent of instructor. Intensive work in oral English for non-native English-speaking students, particularly international student teaching assistants, to increase fluency, accuracy, and use of appropriate discourse strategies in academic settings; e.g., seminar, discussion, laboratory. May be repeated for credit with consent of instructor. (S/U grading only.) Effective: 2020 Winter Quarter.