English Language Placement Examination (ELPE) and ESL Campus Resources

The English Language Placement Examination (ELPE). The ELPE is for incoming first-year students offered every summer (several dates in May, June, and July), once in October, and once in January. This computer-based exam takes 2.5 hours. For more information about the ELPE, see http://iae.ucdavis.edu/undergraduate/about_elpe.html or contact the ELPE Coordinator.

Graduate Student Testing. For Graduate course and testing requirements, see http://iae.ucdavis.edu/graduate/index.html or contact the UWP Grad ESL Assistant Director.

Other Campus Resources for ESL Students

Summer Start Program: This is an optional six-week program for new first-year students who want to take some courses and get adjusted to the campus before fall quarter starts. For more information, see http://iae.ucdavis.edu/undergraduate/summer-start.html.

International and Academic English, 1350 Surge III, UC Davis campus

Email:  iae@ucdavis.edu / Tel: (530) 752-6799 / Web: http://iae.ucdavis.edu  

The PAL Program: PAL (Partners in Acquiring Language) pairs international students and U.S. students for casual conversation practice for one hour every week. 

Student Academic Success Center, 2205 Dutton Hall, UC Davis campus

Tel: (530) 752-2013 / Web: http://success.ucdavis.edu

The SASC offers a number of workshops and tutoring in English and writing. 

Services for International Students and Scholarshttp://siss.ucdavis.edu/about_us/index.html

On-campus programs and resources for international students (undergraduate and graduate students) and international scholars.

UC Davis Extension: Center for International Education, Tel: (530) 757-8686, Email: intlinfo@ucdavis.edu

Web:  https://cie.ucdavis.edu/english-programs

UC Extension has offered English language, technical and professional training to international clients for more than 30 years.