Leadership Team

Associate Director of Professional Writing

Rebekka Andersen (uwpadvisor@ucdavis.edu)
Spring 2021 Office Hours: Wednesdays, 1-2pm & by appt. via Zoom (click to join) (email for appt. outside of regular time)

Advises students completing the minor on courses to take and strategies for developing job and graduate school application materials. Email or join office hours for questions regarding course requirements, course substitutions, unusual circumstances, and career and graduate school opportunities in professional writing.

Coordinator for Professional Writing Internships

Cassie Hemstrom (chemstrom@ucdavis.edu)
Office Hours: Via Zoom on Tuesday and Thursday 3-4pm and Wednesday 11-12, and by appointment. Please email for the link or find the link on Canvas if you are a current intern. Link is also posted to our Professional Writing Discord (see below).

Coordinates professional writing internships (UWP 192) and serves as the faculty supervisor for students enrolled in UWP 192. Email or join office hours for questions regarding internship opportunities, the process of enrolling in internship units, and expectations for completing internships. If you represent an organization interested in setting up an internship, see our information page for details. 

Coordinator for Aggie Internships

Steve Magagnini (stmagagnini@ucdavis.edu)
Office Hours: Mondays 3:30-5:30 and Thursdays 4:30-5:30 by appointment only. Email to schedule appointment.

Oversees all writing and editing internships at the California Aggie. Email or join office hours for questions regarding the process of enrolling in and receiving internship credit (UWP 192). Note: students interested in Aggie internship credit do not complete the Request for Academic Credit for Internship form.

Peer Advisor

Amara Deis (uwppeeradvisor@ucdavis.edu)
Office Hours: via Zoom on Mondays 1-2pm (email to schedule alternative meeting times)

Helps students completing the minor understand internship requirements, locate internships, and request internship credit. Advises students on requirements for the minor, promotes the minor, and maintains the Writing Internship Guide. Email or join office hours for any questions—broad or specific—regarding the minor.

Undergraduate Advisors

Frances Davis (fdavid@ucdavis.edu)
Lynda Jones (lmjones@ucdavis.edu)

Advise students on requirements for the minor and timely completion of the minor. Approve students’ petitions for the minor. Documents in a student’s account in OASIS any special agreements made regarding the minor.


Chat with fellow minors, receive announcements and opportunities, and get your quick questions answered at our Professional Writing Minor discord.