One-on-One Writing Consultations

The Graduate Writing Across the Curriculum program (GWAC) is located in Walker Hall. All in-person consultations will be in Walker Hall 1121 and writing retreats and workshops will be held in some of the Walker Hall conference rooms.

What is a writing consultation?

At UC Davis, our Graduate Writing Fellows offer one-on-one writing consultations with enrolled UC Davis graduate students and postdocs. Consultations offer scholars the opportunity to:

  • Engage in a conversation about their writing.
  • Receive feedback on the clarity of their thoughts, the organization of their ideas, or their approach to a particular writing task.
  • Identify patterns of error in writing. NOTE: Graduate Writing Fellows do not proofread work; we are not an editing service.
  • Work on writing in a low-stakes, low-stress environment, with a peer.

We help scholars at any stage of the writing process and with a variety of documents, including: graduate-level seminar papers, portions of a thesis or dissertation, journal articles, grant proposals, abstracts, conference proposals, conference talks, etc. 

NOTE: It is not necessary to bring in a piece of writing to the consultation. We are happy to consult with you about anything related to the writing process, e.g. getting started, being overwhelmed, etc. 


How do I schedule a writing consultation?

All consultations are half hour appointments. Only one consultation can be scheduled at a time; a second consultation cannot be booked until the first one is completed. Eligible scholars can schedule up to six half hour consultations every quarter. We do not offer consultations during finals week or on university holidays (e.g. Martin Luther King Day, Spring Break, etc.). 

Please note that consultations are only for currently-enrolled graduate students and postdoctoral scholars in disciplines served by GradPathways Institute and the Graduate School of Management. UC Davis Graduate students pursuing one of the following degree objectives: PhD, EdD, MA, MS, MFA, MPH, MPAc, MHS, or Post Docs are eligible for consultations. 

This year, in addition to our general pool of fellows, we have Writing Fellows assigned to specific areas of study: .

  • If you are a GSM/MSBA student, your fellows are Shannon Hearney and Jennie Davis
  • If you are a GSM/Online MBA student you fellow is Jennifer Burke Reifman.


All eligible students can sign up for a consultation using this link.

By default, the consultation sign-up calendar displays all available appointments across all fellows. If there is a particular fellow you would like to work with, you can select that fellow's name in the drop-down menu at the top of the calendar. Likewise, only GSM students can access the calendar of the GSM Writing Fellows.

Where are writing consultations held?

For the 2021-2022 academic year consultations will be held in-person in Walker Hall 1121 and virtually over Zoom. If you have signed up for a virtual appointment, the writing consultant will send you an email 24 hours before the meeting requesting a copy of the writing you'd like to work on (via email or shared Google Doc) and a Zoom link.

The best way to access the consultation room is to enter via the south door of Walker Hall. (The door next to the large red staircase--see the image below.) As you enter you will see a lobby area to the right of the door. Please wait there for your consultant to come meet you. You will be required to show your Daily Symptom pass before beginning your session.

Our consultants enter their consultation availability on the scheduling calendar. We only hold consultations when the university is in session. During Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters, there are eight fellows offering two hours of consultations per week. During Summer Sessions 1 and 2, two fellows offer three hours of consultations per week. Availability for any given quarter typically does not show up on the scheduling calendar until just before the beginning of that new quarter or summer session. If it is a break or finals week, please be patient until our availability is updated. 


Help, I'm having trouble scheduling a consultation!

If you are having trouble scheduling a consultation, please be sure of the following:

  • you logged into the Advising system using your UC Davis credentials
  • you have selected "Any available advisor" from the drop down menu at the top of the calendar (perhaps the Graduate Writing Fellow you had hoped to work with no longer has availability).
  • it is not finals week or a university holiday (we do not hold consultations during these times). If we are on a break between quarters, consultation times likely will not go live until shortly before the start of the quarter. We do not allow scheduling of consultations more than a few months in advance.
  • you have not already had 6 consultations this quarter. To better serve all graduate students and postdocs on campus, we place a limit of 6 consultations per quarter - this will reset at the beginning of every quarter. If you have reached your consultation limit for this quarter, consider using some of these other campus resources. You can also check out our list of self-help, online resources.
  • you do not already have a consultation scheduled. A second consultation cannot be scheduled until after the first one is completed.

In summary, if you are not seeing any available appointments, that is because we no longer have availability. Please do not email to ask us about availability. If your situation falls outside of the above circumstances, please contact us