Writing Partner and Writing Support Group Program 2023-24

Join the Writing Partner and Writing Support Group Program for 2023-24!

Get ready to enhance your writing skills and build a supportive academic writing community with the Writing Partner and Writing Support Group Program. Through this initiative, you will be paired with a fellow graduate student as your writing partner for ongoing personalized support. Furthermore, you can choose to join a writing support group, which will meet monthly in a welcoming and collaborative setting to both write and engage in discussions about your writing journey and challenges. 

This program fosters mutually beneficial relationships among graduate students within and across disciplines, with the goal of helping each other become more productive writers. Together, we will address common writing obstacles such as time management, productivity, writer’s block, and mental well-being. 

Sign up by filling out this form by November 10th, 2023. You will be added to the database of willing writing partners and assigned a match by November 15th. (Note: Graduate students who submit the form after November 10th will be matched on a rolling basis. While we can accommodate an unlimited number of writing partners, limited spots are available for the writing support groups).

For more information, contact writingpartnerprogram@ucdavis.edu

This program is run by Ph.D. candidate Alice Dien, Lead Graduate Writing Fellow and a Professors for the Future Fellow. The Graduate Writing Fellows Program, funded by GradPathways, is administered by the University Writing Program’s Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) program. The Professors for the Future Program is also funded by GradPathways.


What is the Writing Partner Program?

The Writing Partner Program supports mutually beneficial relationships among graduate students within and across disciplines, with the goal of helping each one become a more productive writer. Writing can be an isolating and daunting experience. Sometimes scheduling writing time with others can help motivate us and get us past writer's block. Sometimes we need someone to brainstorm with, or to look at our writing before we submit it to our advisors. Sometimes we want someone to check the organization of a literature review, or the results section or data visualizations of a research article. Sometimes we want to make sure our arguments or ideas are coming across clearly, or discuss different writing styles or genre conventions. When you get connected with a designated writing partner, or a small writing group, you will have someone to go to when you need writing support.

Upon request, a Graduate Writing Fellow can join you during early meetings with your Writing Partner(s) in order to facilitate plans and goals that work for you. Additionally, you will be notified about GradPathways Writing Workshops and themed Graduate Writing Retreats. The University Writing Program's Writing Across the Curriculum team wants to provide resources to help you reach your writing goals!

Please email us with any questions or comments at writingpartnerprogram@ucdavis.edu.