University Writing Program Lecturer Karma Waltonen has won the 2015 Academic Federation Award for Excellence in Teaching

Karma has excelled as a teacher in the program's upper division writing courses and in her first-year seminars focused on topics ranging from The Simpsons to standup comedy. She is not only an outstanding teacher, but she also actively publishes about teaching and popular culture.
Karma will receive her award during the Academic Federation and Academic Senate awards ceremony on May 5.

Congratulations, Karma!


UWP Lecturer Shares Drumming Expertise during Interview with The Telegraph

Brad Henderson, a lecturer in the UWP and author of Drums: A Novel, recently shared his experiences teaching a first-year seminar on the psychology of drummers with Mick Brown of The Telegraph. Brown's article focuses on rock and roll drummers' reputations for "wild behaviour," and Henderson offers unique insight into the craft.
Read the full Telegraph article here: