Writing Retreats

What are writing retreats?

Our writing retreats are an opportunity for graduate students and postdocs to dedicate time to their writing. Each retreat is 3 hours long and hosted by a Graduate Writing Fellow who provides drop-in consultation services for scholars seeking writing assistance.

Individuals, writing groups, and writing partners are all encouraged to join the retreat space to work together quietly or to consult with the Graduate Writing Fellow.

There is no requirement to attend the retreat for the entire 3 hours; please come as your time allows.

Bring your own mug - we will provide the tea and snacks!


When are writing retreats?

There are six writing retreats per quarter and two during each summer session. Please view the GradPathways calendar of events to see upcoming retreat times and locations. For your convenience, the summer session writing retreats are listed below:​

Graduate School of Management 

There will be writing retreats in fall quarter specifically focused for students in the Graduate School of Management and the MSBA. Please stay tuned for upcoming dates.