Student from Kathie Gossett's Technical Writing Course Featured in UC Davis Dateline

Cameron Fitzpatrick, a student in Kathie Gossett's Winter 2019 104T: Technical Writing, was featured in UC Davis' Dateline on June 11. Fitzpatrick used an assignment in Gossett's course to collect and visually present data on the health of his newborn child, who was losing weight. Based on the data, Fitzpatrick's doctor changed the treatment plan and the child returned to a healthy weight. In the Dateline article Fitzpatrick says about Gossett's assignment, "Looking back at the work I've done at Davis, it's the most important project I've done."  


Sarah Perrault Publishes Article in Canadian Journal of Bioethics

In May of 2018 Sarah Perrault was an invited participant in a working group at the University of Alberta (Edmonton AB). The working group was on "Mapping the Emerging Issues in the Public Representation of Bioscience and Health Issues" and other working group members were specialists in law, applied ethics, psychiatry, applied linguistics, journalism, communication, and public policy.


Sarah Perrault Publishes Article in the Journal Perspectives in Biology and Medicine

Sarah Perrault published the article "New Metaphors for New Understandings of Genomes" with co-author Meaghan O'Keefe in the Winter 2019 edition of the journal Perspectives in Biology and Medicine. Perrault and O'Keefe offer a conceptual framework for developing, analyzing, critiquing, and choosing new metaphors of how genomes and bodies work that will help improve communication about genomes and genomic research.


Pamela Demory's book Queer/Adaptation Published by Palgrave

Pamela Demory's edited collection of essays on the intersection of Queer theory and Adaptation theory, Queer/Adaptation, has been published as part of the Palgrave Studies in Adaptation and Visual Culture series. The authors of the essays in Queer/Adaptation theorize about the queerness of adaptation and use a variety of approaches, such as textual analysis, authorship, reception, genre analysis, performance, history, nationality, and production.