Sarah Perrault Publishes Article in the Journal Perspectives in Biology and Medicine

Sarah Perrault published the article "New Metaphors for New Understandings of Genomes" with co-author Meaghan O'Keefe in the Winter 2019 edition of the journal Perspectives in Biology and Medicine. Perrault and O'Keefe offer a conceptual framework for developing, analyzing, critiquing, and choosing new metaphors of how genomes and bodies work that will help improve communication about genomes and genomic research.


Pamela Demory's book Queer/Adaptation Published by Palgrave

Pamela Demory's edited collection of essays on the intersection of Queer theory and Adaptation theory, Queer/Adaptation, has been published as part of the Palgrave Studies in Adaptation and Visual Culture series. The authors of the essays in Queer/Adaptation theorize about the queerness of adaptation and use a variety of approaches, such as textual analysis, authorship, reception, genre analysis, performance, history, nationality, and production.


Questions I Dare Ask: Andrea Ross Interviews Author Amy Irvine

Amy Irvine wrote Desert Cabal: A New Season in the Wilderness for the 50th anniversary of Edward Abbey's iconic conservationist book, Desert Solitaire. In it, Irvine conducts a posthumous conversation with Abbey about issues of climate disruption, white privilege,  sexism, racism, and some possible solutions to the tribalism of our current political situation.