Programs & Services

The UWP provides a variety of programs and services to the UC Davis community. These include Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) workshops, instructor training sessions on how to incorporate writing in discipline-specific courses, consultations for graduate students working on writing up research, opportunities to work on writing in international contexts, support for ELPE, AWPE, and UDCE writing assessments, and opportunities to interact with local k-12 teachers and students.

All of these programs and services help make UC Davis an environment where writing is valued across students' learning experiences. The UWP faculty, and UC Davis faculty across colleges, work on developing students' writing as integral parts of undergraduate and graduate curricula. The UWP programs and services also recognize that excellence in writing develops outside of individual classes; the development of students' writing is an ongoing process with both curricular and extra-curricular elements. The UWP programs and services work to enhance opportunities for students to develop their writing in a variety of contexts.