Chris Thaiss Leads WAC/WID Workshops in Argentine and Chilean Universities

Chris Thaiss leads workshop on teaching writing across disciplines for faculty and graduate students at the University of Córdoba.

UC Davis emeritus professor and former UWP director Chris Thaiss spent three weeks in August as visiting professor in Argentina to lead workshops for faculty and graduate students. A consortium of universities (RAILEES) had received a grant from the Fulbright Commission and the U.S. State Department to bring in Thaiss to work with them in three areas of writing studies: writing program development, teaching writing across the curriculum and in disciplines (WAC/WID), and development of writing research projects.


Rebekka Andersen Receives $5,000 Grant to Study Professional Writing Internships Abroad

UWP Professor Rebekka Andersen received a $5,000 grant from the C.R. Anderson Foundation, an affiliate of the Association for Business Communication, to fund a study of professional writing internships abroad. The foundation supports innovative business communication research that explores how people communicate effectively within and outside business organizations to get work done.

Karma Waltonen Elected President of the Margaret Atwood Society

Karma Waltonen has been elected President of the Margaret Atwood Society. The Margaret Atwood Society is an international association of scholars, teachers, and students who share an interest in Atwood’s work. The main goal of the Society is to promote scholarly exchange of Atwood’s works and cultural contributions by providing opportunities for scholars to exchange information. 


National Writing Project Releases Civically Engaged Writing Analysis Continuum

Through a grant from the Spencer Foundation, the National Writing Project and its partners have worked to develop the Civically Engaged Writing Analysis Continuum (CEWAC) at Carl Whithaus was a member of the Working Group that developed the CEWAC.This writing rubric and supporting materials are designed to assess youth’s ability to engage in public arguments, rooted in evidence and reasoning, enter productive civic conversations, and take action both in and out of school.

UWP1 Students Present at UC Davis Undergraduate Research Conference

The 2018 UC Davis Undergraduate Research Conference poster sessions featured five students from UWP1: Rachel Nicole Yee, "Rhetorical Analysis of the Nutrition Discourse Community"; Sharani Ramesh, "Amtrack Travel Research Podcast"; Jihan Eter, "Automated Machine Grading of Writing"; Meyhaa Buvanesh, "Addressing Health Communication in Nutrition," and Ratnapala Gamage, "Different Cultural Styles of Writing Organization vs. the American Style of Organization."