UWP 007M

Entry Level Writing: Practices in College Reading & Writing for Multilingual Writers (4)

Enrollment via campus placement with a PATH3 designation or after successful completion of UWP 022. Only open to students who have not yet fulfilled the Entry Level Writing Requirement (ELWR). The course focuses on understanding scholarly texts, contextualizing information, developing source-based academic projects, using feedback to revise, and developing multilingual writers' composition and English language skills across genres and disciplines.


Course Goals

Upon completion of this course, students will understand how to . . .

Student Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, students should be able to . . . 

Analyze academic literacy tasks 

(a) Identify purposes and conventions of different academic genres.  

(b) Understand the demands of particular writing tasks. 

Identify and apply writing strategies

(a) Understand the concept of writing genres and their (emerging) conventions. 

(b) Understand the concept of rhetorical situations (audience, context, purpose). 

(c) Identify writing strategies at work in texts (rhetorical strategies related to analysis, argumentation, organization).  

(d) Apply and document writer’s own writing strategies across purposes. 

(e) Translate feedback from peers and instructor into conscious action. 

Make strategic decisions to effectively use source materials in writing

(a) Identify and experiment with various reading and annotation strategies for improving comprehension. 

(b)   Evaluate utility of source materials given a writer’s particular purposes. 

(c)  Contextualize source material within a conversation. 

(d) Cite sources to demonstrate the underlying values and practices of a particular citation system. 

Use language strategically and stylistically to achieve purpose 

(a) Demonstrate stylistic flexibility to demands of particular writing task. 

(b) Make language choices that create coherence and cohesion. 

(c) Demonstrate sentence-level revising and editing strategies to improve clarity and accuracy.  


Students must receive a C or better to satisfy ELWR.  However, for Summer and Fall 2021, they may fulfill ELWR with a C-.