Undergraduate Courses for Multilingual Students

All incoming first year UC Davis students who have not already fulfilled the Entry Level Writing Requirement (ELWR) should complete the UC Davis Writing Placement Survey as soon as possible to determine where to begin their writing instruction.


The UWP offers support for multilingual students in two pre-ELWR and one ELWR fulfilling course, depending on the WPS pathway placement. Below is a char to of the four possible WPS placements:

Multilingual students who place in Pathway 3 (or complete UWP21/Pathway1, and/or UWP 22/Pathway 2), may choose any of the 7 courses in the 4-unit options or the 6-unit options. However, if students are more comfortable in a course designed specifically for multilingual students, they have the option of UWP 7M.

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UWP 21                                             UWP 22                                             UWP 7M