Consultations with Writing Across the Curriculum Faculty Consultants

WAC’s mission includes helping instructors and teaching assistants in all disciplines integrate effective writing instruction into their undergraduate courses. Our consultants, who have decades of experience teaching writing in a variety of disciplines, offer one-on-one consultations with faculty and workshops for teaching assistants.

In past consultations, we have assisted instructors-of-record in doing such things as

  • developing discipline-specific writing assignments,
  • redesigning courses to incorporate more writing opportunities,
  • using writing to meet course learning outcomes,
  • designing new courses that will fulfill the Writing Experience core literacy requirement,
  • building revision into writing sequences, and
  • incorporating low-stakes writing-to-learn activities into their courses.

We have also led workshops for teaching assistants on topics such as

  • evaluating and commenting on student writing,
  • responding to multilingual students’ writing, and
  • guiding student writing during discussion sections and office hours.

If you would like to make an appointment to meet with a WAC Faculty Consultant about these or any other concerns pertaining to undergraduate writing instruction, please email Jillian Azevedo, the Associate Director for Writing Across the Curriculum: