Internship in Writing (UWP 92 and 192)

For students who wish to earn academic credit while exploring potential career paths, gaining practical skills, and/or making professional contacts, an internship in writing is an opportunity to get real-world work experience in a professional environment. Site supervisors are required for an internship and provide interns with a mentor who can help them improve their writing skills while developing professional relationships. Interns can also compile writing samples from the internship as a way to showcase their experience and skills to future employers. Interns may work on or off campus, with appropriate publications, campus units or departments, schools, public agencies, nonprofit organizations, or private corporations. Grading is on a P/NP basis. 


  • Internship registration:  by the 12th day of the quarter
  • Progress Report/Consultation with Internship Coordinator:  by week 5
  • Final packet submission:  by final exam week 

Process for Locating and Applying for an Internship

Internship Forms

Information for Employers and Site Supervisors

Site Supervisor Forms


Process for Locating and Applying for an Internship

Professional Writing Interns receive academic credit for writing and/or editing in professional settings. Interns may help to draft/edit marketing copy, grant proposals, policy statements, position papers, or other informative documents for public and private agencies.  Work that does not involve the production of finished text, such as research or administrative assistance, is not appropriate for UWP internship credit.

Although the UWP does not place students in writing internships, we do send out emails regarding internship announcements (email to be placed on the listserv).The Internship and Career Center (ICC) also maintains a list on their web site of Aggie Jobs and students may also arrange their own positions. Most internships are unpaid, although in rare cases interns may earn stipends for hours worked and/or be reimbursed for travel or other expenses.

If you are unsure of what kinds of internships count towards credit for the minor, we have an Internship Directory for students that catalogs positions offered or completed in the past with descriptions, requirements, qualifications, and more about each internship (email for access). 

Most writing internships are approved for 1-4 units per quarter, but some full-time internships are available, both in and outside the Davis area. Depending on the hours worked, Writing Interns may take 1-12 units in accord with the Academic Senate Guidelines for Awarding Academic Credit for Internships—UC Davis. Full-time internships (12 units) entail a 40-hour week, so no other classes may be taken concurrently.

To be eligible for internship credit, interns must successfully request credit for an internship before enrolling and beginning to work. The process for requesting credit is as follows:

  1. Locate an internship at a professional organization.
    1.1 Intern will need a professional to serve as both a mentor and supervisor.
    1.2 If the organization is student-run (e.g., Morning Sign Out), intern needs to also identify a professional who will, along with any student supervisor, serve as a site supervisor. Contact Steve Magagnini at if you are interested in receiving UWP 192 internship credit for your work at the California Aggie.
  2. Once you have identified your internship, complete the Request for Approval of Internship for Academic Credit.
    2.1 Make sure all proposed tasks are clearly defined writing tasks. (If the proposed tasks are not writing-related--or seem vague/unclear--the proposal will not be approved.)
    2.2 In fall 2018 and winter and spring 2019, the Faculty Sponsor is Dr. Cassie Hemstrom. The Site Supervisor is the on-site professional who will be supervising your internship.
  3. Receive email that your request was either approved or denied.
    3.1 If approved, you will receive a CRN# from Dr. Cassie Hemstrom.

    3.2 If denied, you will receive an email notification that asks you to contact the Internship Coordinator, Dr. Cassie Hemstrom, at

  4. Enroll in internship (UWP 92/192) before the deadline to add classes (
    5.1 There are no provisions for late adds or retroactive credit, so you must observe the registration deadline.
    5.2 To receive credit for an internship continuing over more than one quarter, you must repeat this process each quarter. Check with your department’s undergraduate advisor about limits on internship units.
  5. Follow instructions for submitting required materials. During the internship, there will be a mid-quarter check-in with the Internship Coordinator. At the end of the quarter, you will submit your log of hours and a writing portfolio. Your site supervisor will submit a site supervisor evaluation. All of this information and more details will be provided to you upon registering for either UWP 92 or UWP 192. Instructions are also posted in the course's Canvas site. Interns will receive additional email instructions at strategic times throughout the quarter.


Note: To obtain more specific notation on a transcript (e.g., “Journalism,” “Public Relations Writing,” or Legal Writing”), obtain the ICC's Internship Transcript Notation Form, complete it, get it signed, and then submit to the ICC. You will also need to show the ICC a copy of the letter you received from the UWP's internship coordinator confirming that your request for credit has been approved.

Internship Forms

If you are a current or prospective intern, please refer to these forms for requesting credit, logging hours, or changing past internship credit.

Request for Approval of Internship for Academic Credit

Log of Hours - Paper

Log of Hours - Digital

Undergraduate Course Change

Petition for Retroactive Change

Information for Employers and Site Supervisors

You may be able to use undergraduate interns to write or edit for your organization or business. For example, interns might be able to help your organization write/edit marketing materials, reports, instructions, grant proposals, Web content, and other useful text.

There are two ways to set this up.

  1. Work with the Internship Coordinator, Dr. Cassie Hemstrom ( to develop a description that would be publicized to professional writing minors (200+ students from varied majors) and/or through advanced writing courses (including several journalism courses). 
  2. Work with Lisa Sanders at the Internship and Career Center (ICC) on campus. This would result in listing the internship on their Aggie Job Link site, which gets wider distribution (in fact, it goes beyond UC Davis).


In either case, you would write a description of the internship, including the dates, the hours, types of writing and writing-related work, the qualifications and skills required, application process and deadline, and contact person. 

If you wish, you could request that interns possess a specific type of writing experience, have already taken an upper division writing course, or have taken a specific writing course, such as journalism, writing in business, legal writing, or professional editing.

For students to receive 1 unit of credit, they need to complete 30 hours of writing and writing-related work (total) during the quarter (10 weeks in the regular academic year and/or 6 to 12 weeks in summer session).  Professional Writing minors need a total of 4 units of writing internships (120 hours), but they don't need to earn all four units of credit in one quarter, or even at one site.

Since the Professional Writing minor internship is designed to be an educational experience, the UWP requires that students will receive constructive feedback about their work and will also be assigned increasingly challenging tasks appropriate to their level of expertise.

For sample descriptions of internships or more information, contact the Internship Coordinator at

Site Supervisor Forms

Complete the following form if you wish to request a student intern to work on writing-related tasks for your organization. The UC Davis University Writing Program Internship Coordinator will review your request and contact you regarding next steps.

Request Form for a Professional Writing Intern