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UC Davis Quarter Abroad

Australian Internships & Writing in Sydney
Location: Sydney - Australia
Arrive Date: September 2016   End Date: December 2016
UWP 102A - Writing in the Disciplines: Special Topic: Australian Film (4)
UWP 110 – Specialized Genres in Professional Writing: Travel Writing (4) 
UWP 198 – Group Study: Australian Life and Culture (4 P/NP)
UWP 192 and/or EAP 192– Internship (6, P/NP)
Instructor: Laurie Glover (lcglover@ucdavis.edu)
From a base on Sydney’s North Shore, students will take three upper division courses on travel writing, film, and Australian culture from the nationally ranked UC Davis University Writing Program (UWP). Additionally, students will participate in a professional internship for 18 hours a week. Excursions in and around Sydney are an integral part of the program. UC Davis students that wish to pursue a writing minor will be able to complete 12 out of 20 units toward the requirements of a UC Davis Writing Minor. Housing in Sydney: Students will select whether they want to stay with a family homestay or with other students in an apartment. Both options have been highly praised by past students.

UC Davis Summer Abroad

Cuba — Narrative of Resistance 
Location: Havana, Cuba
Arrive Date: July 31, 2016   End Date: August 28, 2016
Courses: Comparative Literature 165S & 198
Instructor: Raquel Scherr (rlscherr@ucdavis.edu)*
Read Cuban literature, listen to Afro-Cuban music, watch Cuban films, and visit locations and institutions that shed light on Cuba’s political and cultural history of resistance.

France — Americans in Paris
Location: Paris, France
Arrive Date: June 2016    End Date: July 2016

Courses: Comparative Literature 180S & 198
Instructor: Raquel Scherr (rlscherr@ucdavis.edu)*
Walk in the footsteps of Jefferson, Twain, Hemingway, Stein and other Americans in Paris, while participating in one of the lower-cost programs in Europe.

Greece — Travelers in Greece
Location: Athens, Hydra, Nafplion - Greece
Arrive Date: June 28, 2016   End Date: July 26, 2016
Courses: English 139 & 198
Instructor: Aliki Dragona (apdragona@ucdavis.edu)
Learn about Greece’s vibrant culture while traveling to many beautiful and historical sites.

South Africa — From City to Safari
Location: Cape Town and Edeni Game Reserve, South Africa
Arrive Date: June 18, 2016    End Date: July 15, 2016
Courses: English 139 & 198
Instructor: Eric Schroeder (ejschroeder@ucdavis.edu)*
Experience the literature, history, cinema and ecology of South Africa while spending three weeks in Cape Town and one week in a game reserve. A great program for students who love.

UK — Oxford: Portal to Fantasy
Location: Oxford, England
Arrive Date: June 25, 2016    End Date: July 23, 2016
Courses: English 163S & 198
Instructor: Amy Clarke (amclarke@ucdavis.edu
Study in Oxford, the birthplace of modern fantasy: see what inspired Wonderland, Narnia and the Shire, float Ratty and Lyra's river, and walk the halls of Hogwarts.

Europe — Celtic Connections
Location: Ireland, France, Spain
Arrive Date: August 3, 2016    End Date: September 2, 2016
Courses:  English 138 & 198
Instructor: James McElroy (jpmcelroy@ucdavis.edu)
Experience Celtic culture through literature, culture, language, music, and politics.

Europe — The Grand Tour
Location: United Kingdom, France, Italy
Arrive Date: June 25, 2016     End Date: July 23, 2016
Courses: Humanities 180 & 198
Instructor: Victor Squitieri (vsquitieril@ucdavis.edu)*
Broaden your literary, cultural, and artistic knowledge while traveling all around Europe.

UC Davis Summer Abroad Internships

Summer Abroad Internships provide students with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in diverse fields at locations around the globe.

Instructor: Ken Andersen (kendendersn@ucdavis.edu)

Arrive Date: July 2016    End Date: September 2016

Instructor:  Dale Flynn (dbflynn@ucdavis.edu)*

Arrive Date: August 2016      End Date: September 2016

* Emeriti UWP Faculty