Graduate Student Instructors / TAs

Name / Email Office / Office Hours
markenbe's picture
Arkenberg, Megan
Voorhies 316
slbamert's picture
Bamert, Sophia
Voorhies 206
T 1:00-2:00, R 4:00-5:00, & by appt.
aaben's picture
Benedetti, Aaron
301 Voorhies
T 12:00-2:00 & by appt.
beelbe's picture
Blackman, Benjamin
326 Voorhies
M 4-5p; Tu 11:30 - 12:30p; and by appt.
mburdock's picture
Burdock, Maureen
kebuse's picture
Buse, Katherine
dcoad's picture
Coad, David
201 Voorhies
T 9:00-10:00 AM, W 12:00-1:00 or by appt.
jrcolmen's picture
Colmenero, Jennifer
Voorhies 324
rdewitt's picture
Dewitt, Rachael
T 2:05-3:05, R 2:30-4:30 & by appt.
aadieter's picture
Dietering, Averyl
Voorhies 316
M 2-3pm, T 12:30-1:30pm, & by appt.
seddings's picture
Eddings, Sarah
R, F 11-12
lkemrich's picture
Emrich, Lee
328 Voorhies
kmgb's picture
George Bagdanov, Kristin
326 Voorhies
M 11-12; R 11-12 and by appt.
egiardin's picture
Giardina, Elizabeth
Voorhies 329
R 12-2pm, & by appt.
habermnl's picture
Haberman, Lynette
T: 10:00-12:00 R: 10:00-12:00
khandozo's picture
Hanley Cardozo, Kristen
317 Voorhies
M 10:00-11:00, T 1:00-2:00, & by appt.
jhgray's picture
Hanselman Gray, Jessica
314 Voorhies
thintze1's picture
Hintze, Thomas
Voorhies 292
jrohodge's picture
Hodge, Jackson
T 2:00-3:00, W 3:00-4:00 & by appt.
rhhogue's picture
Hogue, Rebecca
Voorhies 314
farkhan's picture
Khan, Farah
akong's picture
Kong, Amanda
TR 10:00-11:00 a.m. & by appt.
jlkrz's picture
Krzeminski, Jessica
Voorhies 314
alanser's picture
Lanser, Aaron
laupeter's picture
Lauren, Peterson
M 10-11, R 2-3, & by appt.
ajlombar's picture
Lombardi, Amy
Assistant to the Director of ESL
261 Kerr Hall
mmgonz3's picture
Margaret, Gonzalez
mmlekoda's picture
Mlekoday, Michael
Voorhies 294
M, W 12:00-1:00 & by appt
seneas's picture
Neas, Sally
Thurs 3-5
lpobrien's picture
O Brien, Leanna
292 Voorhies
M 12-1pm, T 11am-12pm
bequalls's picture
Qualls, Bethany
329 Voorhies
T 11:00-12:00 [online], W 13:00-14:00 & by appt.
djquinn's picture
Quinn, DJ
201 Voorhees
W 2:3:-3:30pm, online R 12:00-1:00pm
jradocay's picture
Radocay, Jonathan
320 Voorhies
T, W 9:00-10:00 AM & by appt.
armarohn's picture
Rockey, Alexandria
snsnivel's picture
Snively, Samantha
tcwalker's picture
Walker, Timothy
331 Voorhies
T, 10-11; W, 10-11
brw's picture
Williams, Bethany
Voorhies 331
M/W 11-12 & by appt
snwitt88's picture
Wittstock, Stacy
Voorhies 312
mzugnoni's picture
Zugnoni, Michele
Assistant to the Director of Expository Writing
Voorhies 201
T 11-12, R 2-3