Graduate Student Instructors / TAs

Name / Email Office / Office Hours
markenbe's picture
Arkenberg, Megan
Voorhies 316
slbamert's picture
Bamert, Sophia
Voorhies 206
aaben's picture
Benedetti, Aaron
317 Voorhies
beelbe's picture
Blackman, Benjamin
Voorhies 326
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Burdock, Maureen
kebuse's picture
Buse, Katherine
jrcolmen's picture
Colmenero, Jennifer
Voorhies 324
rdewitt's picture
Dewitt, Rachael
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Dietering, Averyl
Voorhies 316
seddings's picture
Eddings, Sarah
lkemrich's picture
Emrich, Lee
328 Voorhies
egiardin's picture
Giardina, Elizabeth
habermnl's picture
Haberman, Lynette
khandozo's picture
Hanley Cardozo, Kristen
jhgray's picture
Hanselman Gray, Jessica
314 Voorhies
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Hintze, Thomas
Voorhies 292
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Hodge, Jackson
rhhogue's picture
Hogue, Rebecca
Voorhies 314
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Khan, Farah
akong's picture
Kong, Amanda
kmgb's picture
Kristen, George Bagdanov
jlkrz's picture
Krzeminski, Jessica
Voorhies 314
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Kurzer, Kendon
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Lanser, Aaron
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Lauren, Peterson
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Lombardi, Amy
Assistant to the Director of ESL
261 Kerr Hall
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Margaret, Gonzalez
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Mlekoday, Michael
Voorhies 294
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Neas, Sally
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O Brien, Leanna
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Qualls, Bethany
329 Voorhies
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Quinn, DJ
201 Voorhees
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Radocay, Jonathan
armarohn's picture
Rockey, Alexandria
snsnivel's picture
Snively, Samantha
by appointment
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Walker, Timothy
brw's picture
Williams, Bethany
snwitt88's picture
Wittstock, Stacy
Voorhies 312
T, R 11:00-12:00, & by appt.
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Zugnoni, Michele
Assistant to the Director of Expository Writing
Voorhies 201
MW 4-5, F 11-12 and by appointment