UWP 22

Intermediate Academic Reading & Writing for Multilingual Students (4)

Lecture/Discussion—4 hour(s). Placement in UWP 22 is determined by completion of UWP 21 with a C- or better OR via Writing Placement Survey (WPS) offered by the UWP with a PATH2 designation. Reading and writing short multi-paragraph texts for academic purposes. Suitable for students whose primary language was not English.

Course Students Learning Outcomes

Course Goals

Upon completion of this course, students will understand how to . . . .

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, students should be able to . . .

Identify and apply reading strategies

(a) Identify rhetorical context of unfamiliar text

(b) Identify moves writers make to achieve purpose

Identify and apply writing strategies

a) Analyze a writing task to determine necessary knowledge and skills

(b) Self-evaluate writing according to assignment expectations (c) Translate feedback from peers and instructor into conscious action

Use evidence to achieve purpose

[writing about sources]

(a) Use sources for a specific purpose (to inform, explain, extend, question, and/or support) (b) Understand and apply knowledge of the underlying values and practices of one citation system

Use language to achieve purpose

(a) Develop sentence-level strategies for attributing sources in various writing situations

(b) Develop sentences that show awareness of purposeful moves in line with conventions of a genre

(c) Write with detail and specificity

(d) Develop and apply strategies to correct own errors and understand why they occur


In this course students will….

  • write at least three multi-paragraph thesis-driven writing responses (approximately 800 w. each)
  • develop effective academic text organization (in addition to the paragraph structure demonstrated in UWP 21) through composing an effective title and thesis statement, producing effective opening and closing sections for papers, using transitional words/phrases within and between paragraphs
  • write a total of at least 4000 words of graded writing (papers, midterm, final exam, reading responses, reflection memos, homework)
  • apply process-writing strategies (prewriting, drafting, revising, editing) for longer papers
  • practice academic reading strategies (such as answering general and specific questions about text content, summarizing information and main ideas, making inferences, and using charts with headings to outline key ideas in assigned readings)
  • incorporate two or more class readings into each paper, using appropriate quotation, summary and paraphrasing
  • refine/apply Internet research skills to find and evaluate appropriate sources for the final paper
  • consistently use one specific citation format, such as MLA or APA
  • become familiar with the Academic Word List (AWL) and accurately use content-specific and general academic vocabulary in assigned writing tasks
  • develop or refine personalized vocabulary learning strategies (vocabulary journals/cards, analyzing unfamiliar vocabulary in readings, etc.)
  • demonstrate control of English verb tenses and forms
  • demonstrate observable improvement in remediating individual patterns of error in grammar, usage, and vocabulary