Scott Herring's Essay Published in the Journal Western American Literature

            Scott Herring’s essay, “When the Water Meets the Road: The Return of the Westslope Cutthroat,” was published in the Fall 2017 issue of Western American Literature. The essay tells the story of Herring’s hunt for a rare and extraordinarily elusive fish hidden in the backcountry in Yellowstone National Park. The photograph of the fish on the University Writing Program website is a photo of the very same fish described in the journal, a westslope cutthroat trout, just before it swam away. The essay appeared in a special issue of the journal devoted to “Nature and Culture In (and Outside) the Academy,” guest edited by UC Davis alumna Helena Feder. The issue opens with an interview with David Robertson, and includes among its contributors other UC Davis people, among them Jan Goggans, Laurie Glover, and Alan Williamson.

            “I’ve got something in the essay for everybody,” Herring comments. “I’ve got fishing, tied to a not terribly pretentious reflection on why we save go to the trouble to save endangered species. It’s really pretty readable. Have a look.” If you're on campus, or if you're at home and logged in through the library Pulse Secure VPN, the article is here: