Graduate Writing Consultations

FAQs about the Writing Consultations program

To complement the writing workshops we offer, all graduate and professional students at UC Davis--at any stage in their graduate careers--are invited to schedule an appointment with a coach: workshop faculty have many years of teaching and presenting experience, and graduate writing fellows are graduate students who are trained to coach writing projects across the disciplines.  Students are encouraged to make 30-minute to one-hour appointments at any stage of the writing process.  Bring questions, doodles, or drafts.

You can work on generating and focusing a topic, organizing and clarifying ideas, enhancing persuasiveness, adapting your style for a specific audience or publication, and overall strengthening your writing skills. Your writing coach will not edit your work for grammatical errors, but will discuss techniques for improving your writing and writing style.

Make an appointment online at: Graduate Writing Consultation Registration

Think you'd like to be a Graduate Writing Fellow, or know someone who might? Send an email to Melissa Bender.