YWC General Information

Young Writers' Camps


Young Writers' Camps are NOT being offered in 2020. The information below is from past years. 

The Young Writers’ summer programs offer students the time and opportunity to discover their strengths and learn more about the craft of writing. Our camp leaders are fully credentialed teachers, Area 3 Writing Project Teacher Leaders, and writers themselves. They will provide the highest quality writing instruction and make it their goal to instill in each student an appreciation, excitement, and enjoyment of writing.

Teachers incorporate structured writing workshop time, flexibility in writing assignments, and daily opportunities to share writing with peers during the Young Writers’ Camp. Through the camps, students discover the conditions and habits needed to do their best writing and grow in their confidence and skill. It is one of the greatest ways to celebrate writing, have fun, and make new friends.

The Young Writers’ Camps are designed for students who love to write and want to challenge themselves as writers. This is not a camp focused on remedial writing instruction.