Campus Resources for Graduate Students

University Writing Program Graduate Courses

A number of graduate level writing courses are offered for students at all stages of their career. Typical course offerings include: Introduction to Graduate School Writing, Writing a Literature Review, Writing a Journal Article for Publication, Journal Editing Workshop, etc.

Success Coaching Program

"Are you feeling stuck? Are you having difficulty reaching your goals? A success coach will help you discover strategies to take control of your academic, personal, and professional success. Our graduate student coaches are specially trained to help you unlock your full potential. Coaches are not academic advisors, tutors, or clinicians. Your coach will not tell you what to do, but will help you feel supported and encouraged to reach the goals you set for yourself, while being pushed and held accountable along the way. Coaching sessions are 30 minutes."

Mental Health and Counseling Services

"Counseling services help students to realize their academic and personal goals. Meeting with a counselor can help students clarify issues, explore options, and cope more effectively."

Faculty-Student Mentoring Guidelines

"At UC Davis, we believe that mentorship is a priceless investment in student and institutional success. UC Davis Graduate Studies supports and advances graduate faculty-student mentoring through a variety of efforts, most notably the Mentoring at Critical Transitions Seminar Series, the Mentoring at Critical Transitions Fellowship, and the Distinguished Graduate and Distinguished Postdoctoral Scholar Mentoring Awards."

Dealing with obstacles and conflict

"Whether you're experiencing a gap in funding or a conflict with a professor, UC Davis Graduate Studies is here to help you navigate and overcome obstacles to your academic success. We are available to meet with all graduate students individually to discuss any problems or concerns you are experiencing."

Drop-in advising with Graduate Studies

Stop by Graduate Studies to check in or ask questions regarding your academic progress, goals, and obstacles. 

Services for International Students and Scholars

SISS provides orientation, assistance, information, and referral to international students, faculty, and researchers regarding financial, personal, cultural, and academic concerns.