Recent Publications by Sasha Ambramsky

Sasha Ambrasky has published an article in the current issue of Nation about refugees in Denmark and Sweden. Sasha is also writing on affordable housing in California for an online publication called Capitol & Main. He's written on Trump's anti-Muslim proposals for the American Prospect, and he's writing a feature article for the New Statesman, in UK, on American Rage -- everything from Trump to guns, police brutality to Black Lives Matter. Next week's cover story in the Sacramento News & Review is a piece of Sasha's on the moral imperative of protesting Trumpism. The October's issue of Sacramento Magazine has a feature by Sasha on the marijuana legalization movement. Sasha's recent writing on the election and political/economic themes has appeared in the Nation, local press here in California, the New Statesman (UK), Haaretz (Israel), and other venues.