For Faculty and Teaching Assistants

Our experienced WAC instructors offer private consultations or small group workshops on topics such as follows:

  • using writing to promote discussion and critical thinking
  • crafting clear, detailed writing assignments and rubrics for assessing student writing
  • coaching undergraduate and graduate student writing
  • working with second language (L2) writers
  • managing staged assignments and revisions
  • using various methods to provide feedback on student writing (e.g., class discussions, peer feedback, written and oral feedback)
  • commenting effectively on papers
  • grading papers efficiently
  • developing student learning outcomes for, and assessing learning in, large-enrollment courses

We also assist faculty and TAs in preparing courses that meet the General Education (GE) requirement for GE Writing Experience (WE) courses. This requirement, which aims to help undergraduate students “think clearly and communicate effectively about the course material through guided writing assignments completed in stages,” calls on instructors to think strategically about how they use writing to facilitate learning.

Further, we offer teaching workshops for TAs on topics such as commenting on student writing, grading papers and lab reports, and leading class discussions.