YWC Frequently Asked Questions



What makes a child a good candidate for Young Writers’ Camp?

Our most successful students are those who are eager to try their hand at new types of writing and who really LOVE to write! We discourage parents from enrolling children who are not interested in writing, as camp participants will spend several hours writing and learning about writing everyday. If your child is not interested in writing, this is probably not the camp for him/her. 
 An analogy:  Would you send your child to a basketball or baseball camp if he/she didn’t like to play those sports? 

Who are the teachers for each camp?

All teachers are credentialed teachers with many years of experience who teach in the Sacramento area.

My child is very shy, and I am afraid she or he will not participate in Young Writers’ Camp.

Many writers, by nature, are considered to be a bit “shy”. Writing can be a very private act, and we respect that idea in our camps while also nurturing a willingness to share. Instructors will do everything possible to make your child feel comfortable. We spend a portion of each day working to build a safe, positive community for the writers in attendance and have been told that children’s self-esteem and confidence have increased as a result of participation in the Young Writers’ Camp.

Will there be an emphasis on conventions such as grammar and spelling?

Students can expect to confer with their teachers on a regular basis and learn to edit their writing for conventions. The camps, however, do not include formal grammar and spelling lessons.

Is there homework?

While homework is not assigned by the instructors, many camp participants choose to spend time outside of class writing and refining their work. This is entirely up to the child and not a requirement.

Is food provided?

Food is not provided but students can bring their own snacks or purchase snacks from campus vending machines.  For the full day camp, students can bring their lunch or purchase lunch on campus.  Details will be provided upon registration.  

Will student be supervised by teachers at all times?

Yes, students will be accompanied by at least one teacher at all times, including lunchtime for the full-day camp.  Sometimes, teachers will break students into two groups for activities or computer lab time, but students will never be left alone.  

What supplies should my child bring?

Students will be supplied with a writer’s notebook and all supplies for special projects as well as pens and pencils. Some students like to bring their own “writing stuff” which is fine. Also, students may bring a laptop or tablet, but this is not required.  A paper or online anthology of students’ writing will be published.

How do I register a student for the camp?

Click on the registration link on the Young Writers’ Camp information page. 

Enrollment is limited and will be on a first-come, first-served basis. As soon as your registration is received, a confirmation email will be sent. By mid-May, you will then receive additional information with specific location information and a mandatory emergency contact form which needs to be completed and returned before the start of camp. 
A minimum number of students is needed to run each camp. Camps with low enrollment are subject to cancellation and a full refund.

Cancellations are subject to a $35 processing fee. No refunds for cancellations after May 17.

Additional questions can be directed  a3wp@ucdavis.edu or 530-752-8392.  Email is the best form of communication as our desk is not staffed full-time.  If you leave a voicemail, please also leave an email address for response.