Dana Ferris Publishes Articles in Assessing Writing and RTE

Professor Dana Ferris has recently published two journal articles, both co-authored with current or former students of the WRaCS Designated Emphasis. Both articles report upon primary research completed in the UWP. The first, "Placement of Multilingual Writers: Is There a Role for Student Voices?" was published in Assessing Writing, 32(1), 1-11, and is co-authored by 2017 graduates Dr. Katherine Evans (Linguistics) and Kendon Kurzer (Education).


Liz Constable receives $6,500 Seed Grant from the Feminist Research Institute

Together with colleagues Corrie Decker and Jenny Kaminer, Liz Constable is the recipient of a Seed Grant from the Feminist Research Institute of $6, 500 for a collaborative interdisciplinary and comparative feminist research project that examines the relationship between discursive constructions of youth and policy decisions. Liz presented part of this work at a UC Berkeley Mini-Colloquium on April 14th in a presentation titled "'Too Old for Heidi, Too Young for Carrie': Catachresis and Affective Absorption in Breillat's Cinema."


UWP Wins Picnic Day 2017 Exhibit Award

The University Writing Program’s Picnic Day exhibit won the Arts and Humanities Exhibit Award during this year’s Picnic Day! The award recognizes exhibits that highlight the university’s growth and showcase the vast diversity of UC Davis.

This was the Writing Program’s second-ever Picnic Day exhibit, and it featured a handmade, playable, 8-foot-tall Scrabble board, a laminated-bookmark-making station, and a 50-foot-wide, writing-on-the wall display.

Congratulations, UWP!