Writing Partner Program

Purpose of Writing Partner Program

The Writing Partner Program is intended to promote writing across and within disciplines. When you fill out this form, you will have access to the database of willing writing partners. You can choose your commitment level with your partner.

What are the benefits of this program?

Writing can be an isolating experience, and one that feels daunting and never ending. Sometimes we want someone to look at our writing before we submit it to our advisors. By having a designated writing partner, you will have someone to go to for a brainstorming/discussion session. You can talk about how to structure your literature review or results section. You can make sure that the idea that you are trying to convey is actually reaching the reader.

The Writing Partner Program will create mutually beneficial relationships with the goal of becoming productive writers. This act of peer review is helpful for learning about different styles of writing, genre conventions, and more.

Furthermore, upon request, a writing fellow or WAC (Writing Across the Curriculum) representative can be made available during early meetings with your writing partner in order to facilitate plans/goals that work for you. Also, you will be notified when there are writing workshops explicitly for the Writing Partner Program. WAC wants to provide resources to help you be successful with your writing goals. You will be contacted as soon as a successful writing partner or group match has been made.

Any questions/comments you may have can be directed to (writingpartnerprogram@ucdavis.edu).

Thank you for your interest in the Writing Partner Program.

Sign up for the Writing Partner Program here.