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UWP 298 Research on the Teaching and Learning of Writing.

Study of issues in research on composition; history of composition studies; data analysis techniques; product and process approaches; cognitive and social perspectives.

 Understanding the history, theories, and research paradigms on which sound practice in the teaching of writing is based goes hand in hand with good practice. In this seminar we explore well-known works by reflective scholar/teachers that have shaped current practice, as well as a range of recent work that is developing composition theory and research in response to changes in culture and technology. My goals in this seminar are (1) to improve our understanding of theories and theorists, (2) to introduce diverse research paradigms, and (3) encourage your own building of theory and analysis that will strengthen and enrich your teaching.

We will proceed by reading and discussing an array of interesting and often controversial work, writing twice-weekly responses (online) to these works, and developing and sharing our own theoretical projects. This project will be a research-based study of a particular theory or theorist of your choice. Indeed, I will encourage you to explore issues and authors of particular moment to your own teaching or writing.

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